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Couvre-planchers de l'Outaouais Our floor, carpet and wall covering store offers a variety of choices for all your commercial or residential renovation projects

Find all our products at Couvre-planchers de l'Outaouais in Gatineau!

The largest selection of floor coverings and wall coverings in the region can be found at Couvre-planchers de l'Outaouais!

Colours, textures and finishes; there is something for every room and every taste in the store. You will truly be able to enhance your interior and give the look you want to any room in your home.

Competitive prices, quality products, exceptional service and more than 1,000 samples in-store! Text to be included at the beginning of all the product pages: Many choices are available to you. Take a look at our supplier products by clicking on their logos. To see samples and get a quote, visit us in store.

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